Rumor – A Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Announcement Might be Coming Soon

A Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration Broadcast is happening soon and with only 10 minutes of run time, fans are expecting some big news from the show. If a new rumor proves to be true, fans should get VERY excited for something Crisis Core-related.

Crisis Core Remaster or Remake Incoming?

The Snitch, a leaker who has a perfect record so far in terms of leaks, just posted an image of Zack accompanied by 4 colored squares. At first glance, none of this makes sense, but the colored squares (blue, green, red, black) may indicate that a release announcement could be made for the PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

What release? Well, the image of Zack could mean a couple of things. One safe assumption is that Final Fantasy VII Remake might finally be heading to Xbox and Switch after its exclusivity with PlayStation. This could be questionable though because placing a blue square might seem off since it’s already on PlayStation. Also, the Switch probably cannot handle the Remake unless it is a cloud (heh) version.

One big possibility is that a Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Remaster or Remake is in the works for all platforms and may be announced during the show. The way the image is cropped to focus on Zack and Aerith could be a big clue and is probably the best logical bet.

It may also mean a Part II announcement as well, but it wouldn’t make sense to release Part II without Part I on all other platforms first. Or it could just mean an Ever Crisis announcement is incoming too.

Either way, if The Snitch’s flawless track record is to be believed, we are in for a big surprise, seeing as many have been calling out for more Crisis Core over the years.

For reference, The Snitch leaked ahead of time the Overwatch free-to-play announcement, as well as the recent Persona 3/4/5 reveals, so while there is no official announcement yet, his leaks aren’t to be taken lightly based on his history.

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