Rumor – PlayStation 5 ‘Pro’ Controller Being Worked on by Sony

Over the years, Sony has never given players a “better” version of their PlayStation controllers, which resulted in the community looking toward third-party suppliers like SCUF and Nacon for their fix. That might change soon, as Sony is reportedly working on a “genuine professional controller” for the PlayStation 5 that could be revealed in the coming weeks.


The report comes from Tom Henderson, a renowned leaker who has quite a credible history. According to Henderson’s sources, the codename of the new hardware is called “Hunt” and will have a number of upgrades from the current PlayStation 5 DualSense controller such as removable analog sticks, trigger stops, and rear paddle buttons.

The new controller is said to retain the style of the current PlayStation 5 DualSense but will have differences to accommodate the new features, such as the buttons under the analog sticks that will allow for removal and replacement, and is referred to as “removable stick units.” It is also mentioned that removable grips will also be present on top of the aforementioned features.

Referred to by Henderson’s source as the “PS5 Pro Controller,” it will also sport significant software upgrades, but it is unknown at this point what those will be.

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Henderson goes on to say that the actual reveal of the new controller is still unknown but also states that it should be soon. In fact, several sources claim that Sony will be unveiling new non-console hardware products at the end of June, and the controller could be included in the said reveals.

Henderson says that he has received a photo of the alleged prototype but did not publish it as it was a condition of the anonymous source sending the said photo.

While Henderson remains a rather credible source, as it goes with rumors, it is wise to take this with a grain of salt until Sony actually makes an official announcement. If the report is to be believed, we won’t have to wait long to see if it is true.

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