Dying Light 2 Will Take At Least 500 Hours To ‘Fully Complete’

After what seemed to be forever, we’re finally getting Dying Light 2 in about a month from now and fans of the franchise will be glad to hear that the upcoming game is PACKED with things to do, as developer Techland has confirmed that “you’ll need at least 500 hours” to fully complete the game.

How long to beat Dying Light 2?

The information was posted on the Dying Light Twitter Account, even pointing out that it would be about as long as if you walked from Warsaw to Madrid, which is roughly around 534 hours.

Of course, this information was taken too literally by some players, prompting questions about actual playing time. Techland has put out a clarification that if you were to complete absolutely everything (all quests, endings, etc), then 500 hours is indeed the rough estimate. However, for just the main story and side quests, under 100 hours would be a better estimate.

That’s certainly a lot of playing time, and fans of the first game would know that a couple of hundred hours is not too far from the time spent really exhausting everything Dying Light has to offer, so this is, as they would say, par for the course.

Are you excited about Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is scheduled for a February 4, 2022 release for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, and Switch (Cloud Version).

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