Starfield – Is There New Game Plus and What Carries Over

Bethesda games usually do not have a New Game Plus, but the company is turning over a new leaf with Starfield. It might sound intimidating since the base game is basically playable for hundreds of hours, but there’s a pretty compelling reason to try it out.

What can players expect from the New Game Plus in Starfield? Read on to find out!

Disclaimer – Spoilers ahead.

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Starfield – How to Unlock New Game Plus and What Carries Over

It goes without saying that players will have to finish up the main story campaign of Starfield before New Game Plus is unlocked, so there’s quite a bit of exploring and spacefaring to do before this point is reached.

Players will want to keep an eye out for the Constellation questline, as completing it will be the main requirement for New Game Plus. In the last step, aptly named “One Giant Leap,” players will be given a choice to continue the game in the current playthrough or start anew.

Should you choose to start a New Game Plus, here’s what will carry over in the new playthrough:

  • Player level and Traits
  • Skills
  • Powers
  • The Frontier Ship

Consequently, you’ll lose access to the following once you start a New Game Plus:

  • Items
  • Credits
  • Ships
  • Outposts
  • Progress made pretty much everywhere else

Since we’re on spoilers, here are the awesome things you’ll get when you start a New Game Plus:

  • Starborn Spacesuit Armor Set (Covers all 3 armor spots)
  • Starborn Ship
  • A really cool secret that we’d rather not spoil (despite the other spoilers in this article)
starfield artifact 2

The New Game Plus option in Starfield is a nice surprise because of the twists involved in it, giving players a somewhat fresh take on the experience.

Will you be taking up the challenge of a New Game Plus in Starfield?

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