Ragnarok M Celebrates its Community With a Heartwarming Year-end Event

“Choosing between a big esports event that feels distant and this smaller community celebration that aims to bring people together, we chose this instead,” says Grange Zhang, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Developer.

Community has always been what Ragnarok is about, ever since the beginning.

For the past two weeks, Ragnarok M has been celebrating with its loyal fans and players in the Philippines in the form of a cafe event held at WouldULike in Marikina Riverbanks, where event goers can take part in various activities, win awesome prizes, and, most importantly, enjoy the proceedings with their guildmates and even get to meet new players along the way.

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During the last day of the event, players flocked to the venue one last time before the holidays, and they were even treated to some fun games with star cosplayer and longtime Ragnarok M player, Myrtle.

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Adventurers, just like their in-game counterparts, had a list of quests to fulfill in the form of an Adventure Log, which lets them interact with the friendly staff, participate in games, get stamps, and redeem rewards.

One of the many activities was the Ragnarok M Wish Wall, where adventurers would write down their thoughts, requests, and even simple greetings to other adventurers. At some point, the Wish Wall was filled with messages that even looked like guild members chatting with each other, further symbolizing the bond that adventurers form with each other while playing the game.

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Of course, there’s no better way to save these precious memories than by taking pictures with old and new friends!

Sharing these photos with special event hashtags earned our adventurers another stamp towards their Adventure Log and one step closer to the coveted Six Knight stamp for exclusive rewards.

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After a long day of questing, our adventurers are tired and weary. Seeking another way to fill up their Adventure Logs, players would quench their thirst and alleviate their hunger by purchasing some beverages from our gracious event hosts, WouldULike.

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But that’s not all! Special Poring-themed Cream Puffs were also on the menu!

Those looking for a sweet and tasty bite can purchase this special collab treat, and just by saying a special slogan to the Cafe staff, they will then be awarded another stamp!

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Ragnarok M champions the importance of community and fostering goodwill with each other, and that’s why special merchandise was being offered in the Ragnarok M Charity Sale, where the proceeds will be shared with a charity of choice.

Who says gamers can’t give love on Christmas Day?

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Once five of the precious stamps have been awarded, our quest has nearly come to a close. True to the spirit of community, adventurers must fulfill the challenge of the Six Knights!

To obtain the last stamp, adventurers must group up with five other hopefuls who each have five stamps. By partying up, a Six Knight stamp will be awarded to each that contains exclusive rewards along with bonus in-game codes!

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Aisa Taiga and Mon Bungcayao, players from different servers, met for the first time during the event. After talking for a bit and doing all of the activities, they decided to team up and look for other adventurers to complete the Six Knights challenge.

“Dito lang kami nagkakilala, hindi ko kasi kasama mga guildmates ko, pero masaya kasi may bagong naging kaibigan (We met just a while ago because my guildmates were not present, but it was fun meeting new friends),” adds Bungcayao, who successfully completed all six stamps during the event and won the exclusive prizes along with Taiga and four other lucky adventurers turned friends.

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Adventurers even got to test their knowledge of Ragnarok M, as roaming staff asked a series of tough questions in exchange for a reward if brave attendees answered correctly.

“Okay lang yung questions, may mga naalala naman ako (The questions were okay. I remembered some of them),” says Jan Perry, when asked if he had a hard time answering the questions. “Madali, pero mayroong iba na hindi ko na maalala at nakakalito (They were generally easy, but some I couldn’t remember anymore and I got confused!).”

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Throughout the Ragnarok M community celebration, Myrtle served as a gracious host, sharing her stories with attendees, holding mini-games, awarding prizes, and much more!

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“This is a dream come true for me, attending an official Ragnarok M event,” says star cosplayer Myrtle. “I’ve been playing the game since its release, and I was very blessed to meet so many friends and build my very own guild together with friends. Today meant a lot to me, attending an event like this and meeting new people.”

“I’m really grateful to all the players who came here today to join us in this early Christmas celebration. Everyone came here for a greater purpose because the proceeds from every single piece of merchandise are going to be given to charity, and I’m super happy that we’re able to give love on Christmas day.”

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Truly, the event was a special one. While not as grand a spectacle filled with special guests and celebrities, Ragnarok M chose to bond with their community over fun activities, drinks, and good food. In this case, simple proved to be very special, and the Ragnarok M players definitely had a day and a year to remember.

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