Apex Legends Season 20 ‘Breakout’ Celebrates 5 Years of Apex Legends

Apex Legends “Breakout” is the new season, arriving on February 13th. Coming out fresh from Ignite, Breakout celebrates 5 years of Apex Legends with the Legends Upgrade System, Limited Time Modes, Armor changes, crafting, and updated Ranked.

If there’s something to perfectly capture Apex Legends Season 20, that is “celebration.” After five years of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment pushes ahead to set the tone for the seasons to come. With the introduction of new modes, a streamlined Legends upgrade system, and a more rewarding ranked; there’s much to celebrate this Season 20.

There are a few updates for console players that would bring the title to the present. Performance modes will be upgraded to 120 Hz for consoles. Haptics on Dualsense will now be available as well.

Legend Upgrades

One of the most exciting updates in Apex Legends Breakout is the new Legend Upgrades, adding 4 new upgrades to the entire roster and allowing several ways to specialize your Legends. In the last five years, Legends in themselves were quite static prior to Breakout. They have a fixed set of abilities.

Core abilities, for the most part, will remain the same. However, with this new mechanic, you can augment your legend throughout the match, making you go deeper tactically and providing team support if they require it.

Apex Legends Upgrade

You can achieve your EVO either early or mid-game to select an upgrade that suits your playstyle. This way, you can either speed up the flow of battle with your team support or turn the tide of the match by adding a new skill that changes the strategy of your Legend.

EVO can be gained through harvesters, which, by interacting, will allow you to receive your boost. You can also gain them through EVO caches. Above all, playing roles will grant the whole team EVO.

Apex Legends Evo

Take note that your Legend will still follow a strict balancing that will not compromise the game flow. Gaining skills will give the gameplay some depth. Speaking of balancing, armor will be updated on the next Apex Legends Breakout.

And About Armor Swapping…

Apex Legends Breakout is now overhauling the armor system. Following the Legend upgrades, your armor will be updated as you level up. This improves your armor as you play through the game. The dev team at Respawn Entertainment wants to remove the randomness of the armor system and work towards making competitive shorter.

Apex Legends Ranked

In effect, armor is not a pick-up item anymore. What about Armor Swapping, you ask? To clarify, Armor Swapping is still in the game, but in the form of Shield Cores. If a Legend dies during a match, they drop these shield cores that can be picked up. It increases shield charge. If you retrieve more than your capacity, it creates a temporary pool of health.

The developers also overhauled the crafting system for Apex Legends Breakout with the aim of improving match time with a faster crafting time, also crafting happens once per match.. They’ve removed crafting materials, and reduced the number of items. You can craft med kits, ammo, shield batteries and more. This makes the Replicator a reliable resource with this update.

5 Years of Apex Legends

Apex Legends Breakout introduces new limited-time modes featuring Straight Shot. The goal of these LTMs is to get to the action faster to speed up 30 players in smaller maps for 10 minutes. Squads are dropped against two teams with simplified loot. When a team is eliminated, they’re automatically queued for the next match.

Throughout 2024, more modes will be introduced, including Three Strikes. The Thunderdome Mixtape will be introduced with all modes in mind. It’s a homage to King Canyon. Legends will compete in front of an audience.

Killcode has concluded. In Breakout, the Syndicate will throw a huge party as a distraction, but it’s a way to celebrate the game. Storytelling will be easier to follow, and social media lore will still be available as they set up the next chapter of the story.

Apex Legends Straightshot

Celebrating five years of Apex Legends, there is a Apex Museum exhibit that is coming to the game that celebrates the history with an interactive kiosk. Community Fan Art and Easter Eggs will be showcased along with loot bins, jump balloons, featuring a fresh new look with the Breakout aesthetic.

Ranked matches will reset the RP of all players to provide everyone with the same opportunity to progress. RP (ranked points) will replace LP. Matchmaking is changed and splits will return. The devs believe that this will provide the best ranked experience. This invites player to participate in ALGS where everyone can qualify for pro league, which happens within 9-10 months.

Finally, you can celebrate your legend with the various heirloom shards, brand new skins, banners, gun sleeves and six free legends including Seer, Rampart, Maggie, Loba, Valkyrie, and Rise. Join the celebration in Apex Legends Breakout!

Apex Legends is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

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