Filipino-developed Narrative Adventure ‘Until Then’ Grapples With the Trauma of Loss

Ever think about how surprise hit Indie title “A Space for the Unbound” would turn out if it took place in the Philippines? Look no further, because Until Then is here to answer that question.

Until Then is an indie game that delves into unexpectedly profound themes, wrapped in a breathtaking art style against the backdrop of the Philippines. Inviting players to unravel a bittersweet tale of mystery and tragedy, the game offers addictively mundane minigames in addition to its poignant exploration of healing from trauma.

The story of Until Then unfolds through the eyes of Mark Borja, a high school student grappling with loss in a world still recovering from catastrophe. As Mark and his friends navigate the joys and challenges of another school year, players will find themselves reminiscing about the daily insecurities of high school life.

A fateful encounter disrupts Mark’s life, setting off a series of events that will see players work alongside Mark and his friends to uncover a hidden truth, racing against time to solve the mystery. With a diverse and relatable cast, players can engage in conversations with them in person, over text, and email, building relationships and seeing personal stories intertwine.

Developed by Polychroma Games, a talented group from the Philippines, the game is a love letter to youth in the Philippines, showing a world that would celebrate the rich and diverse culture of their beloved country.

Until Then is now available to wishlist on PS5.

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