Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Disc Print Errors Found in Select Territories

Square Enix has announced a printing error for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth game discs in select territories, particularly in Japan and Southeast Asia.

final fantasy vii rebirth screenshot 7

The error is simple, where the Data Disc is erroneously labeled as the “Play Disc,” and the Play Disc is erroneously labeled as the “Data Disc.” What this basically means is that to start installing the game, instead of placing the data disc as you would normally do, players will need to put in the play disc. Once installation is done, the disc needed to continue playing will be the Data Disc.

It’s easily explained in this infographic:

final fantasy vii rebirth disc error
  1. Insert the black disc (marked “Play Disc”) into your PlayStation 5 console and install the requisite data.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. Once the installation is complete, insert the white disc (marked “Data Disc”) to start the game.

Square Enix has mentioned that this will not affect the playing experience as long as the instructions are followed. Sony Interactive Entertainment is also currently investigating the cause of this issue.

final fantasy vii rebirth screenshot 6

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available on PS5.

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