Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trophy List

Wondering how many trophies Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has and how easy it is to get them?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has 61 trophies in total, with 54 bronze, 5 silver, 1 gold, and 1 platinum trophy. Apart from the chapter completion trophies, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will require players to complete almost all of its activities, including finishing the game in hard mode.

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*Spoilers Below*

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trophy List

Here are all of the PlayStation Trophies for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth:

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The Planet’s HopePlatinumEarn all Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trophies
Never Meet Your HeroesBronzeComplete Chapter 1.
Swampy SituationBronzeComplete Chapter 2.
Make Mine BackBronzeComplete Chapter 3.
The President’s CommendationBronzeComplete Chapter 4.
Cryptic CameoBronzeComplete Chapter 5.
Fun in the SunBronzeComplete Chapter 6.
The Price of ProgressBronzeComplete Chapter 7.
Worth the Weight?BronzeComplete Chapter 8.
Crying OutBronzeComplete Chapter 9.
Stars Fell from My EyesBronzeComplete Chapter 10.
You’re Not MurasakiBronzeComplete Chapter 11.
Hearts Out, Dukes UpBronzeComplete Chapter 12.
I’m Here for YouBronzeComplete Chapter 13.
Confluence of WorldsBronzeComplete Chapter 14.
I Got ThisBronzeWin a battle.
Exploitative PracticesBronzeExploit an enemy’s weakness.
Unfettered FriendshipBronzeFree a bound ally.
Staggered LearningBronzeStagger an enemy.
Break It DownBronzeUse a limit break.
Fledgling SummonerBronzeInvoke a summon.
Team PlayerBronzeUse a synergy skill.
No “I” in “Synergy”BronzeUse a synergy ability.
Entering New Markets BronzeComplete a quest.
Weapons 101BronzeMax out a weapon ability’s proficiency.
A Materia WorldBronzeLevel up an orb of materia.
New BloodBronzeRaise your Queen’s Blood rank.
Caching InBronzeComplete your search of a cache location.
I Brake for ChocobosBronzeRepair three chocobo stops.
Expert Ex-kweh-vatorBronzeUse a chocobo to find two treasures buried by rabbits.
You Work for Me NowBronzeDefeat a summon in battle and obtain its materia.
Intelligence AideBronzeGather world intel at five separate locations.
Intelligence SpecialistBronzeGather world intel at fifty separate locations.
Director of Regional IntelligenceSilverGather all pieces of world intel in a region.
Founder’s BonusSilverObtain a protorelic in the grasslands.
Fort Condor CommanderSilverObtain a protorelic in the Junon region.
Cactuar CrusherSilverObtain a protorelic in the Corel region.
Honorary TurkSilverObtain a protorelic in the Gongaga region.
The Gambit Paid OffSilverObtain a protorelic in the Cosmo Canyon region.
Professional HandlerBronzeObtain a protorelic in the Nibel region.
Bladesman of LegendSilverDefeat Gilgamesh.
Moogle Lover BronzeMax out your moogle emporium merchant rank.
Materia CompletionistSilverDevelop all possible materia together with Chadley.
7th, Assemble!BronzeRecruit all Midgar 7th Infantry units for the parade in Junon.
Stealing the ShowBronzeWin the prize for outstanding performance in the Junon Parade.
Card Royalty BronzeWin the Queen’s Blood tournament held on board the Shinra-8.
Critically Acclaimed BronzeReceive a review of S or higher for your performance in Loveless at the Gold Saucer.
1-Star StartupBronzeDonate 10 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn.
3-Star HotelBronzeDonate 30 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn.
5-Star HotelSilverDonate 60 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn.
7-Star HotelGoldInform Johnny that you have donated all possible items to his treasure trove.
Polygonal Prizefighter BronzeDefeat Sephiroth in 3D Brawler.
Piano VirtuosoBronzePlay all six Piano Outreach Association songs well enough to receive remuneration.
Hall of FamerBronzeWin all chocobo races.
My Job Here Is DoneBronzeComplete all quests.
Grind It OutBronzeAttain Level 70 with a character.
Staggering SuccessBronzeDeal 300% or more damage to a staggered enemy.
Well-Rounded BronzeMaster all weapon abilities and limit breaks, including those found in folios.
Of Hardy StockSilverComplete all chapters on Hard difficulty.
Virtually RenownedSilverComplete all of Chadley’s combat simulations.
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Sephiroth

Will you be getting the Platinum Trophy for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available only on PS5.

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