Unicorn Overlord Reveals Details About Resistance Group ‘Frostblooms’

SEGA has revealed new details about Unicorn Overlord‘s characters, including the members of the Frostlooms, a resistance group to be allies of the protagonist.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Frostblooms in Unicorn Overlord:

The Frostblooms of Unicorn Overlord are a resistance group based in Bastorias, a nation of bestrals fully spanning the vast frigid region to the north of the continent. Bastorias is home to various races, who make for hardy soldiers. There is no king at present, and national affairs are controlled by a council of bestral leaders.

unicorn overlord yunifi

Yunifi (voiced by Hisako Kanemoto)
“Wherever you go, the Frostblooms will always be there to stop you!”
A member of a Bastorias-based resistance group known as the Frostblooms, she is a preeminent
archer central to the fight against Zenoira. Though born to humans, she was taken in and raised by

unicorn overlord ramona

Ramona (voiced by Nanako Mori)
“We must weather any storm, no matter how fierce!”
The leader of a Bastorias-based resistance group known as the Frostblooms and Yunifi’s adoptive
mother. Though chieftess of the owl bloodline, she is well-respected by members of all bestral races.

unicorn overlord morard

Morard (voiced by Tomoyuki Shimura)
“But I’d rather see you rot in a cell than burn in the underworld.”
A lion bestral and member of a Bastorias resistance group known as the Frostblooms. He boasts
immense physical strength, and together with Yunifi, forms the core of the Frostblooms’ ranks.

unicorn overlord dinah

Dinah (voiced by Sayaka Senbongi)
“I’m after your boss’s life, not yours. Out of the way.”
A fox bestral and captain of the Snowpetals. Though quick to anger, she cares deeply for her soldiers,
who respect her greatly in turn.

The Holy Kingdom of Albion
The Holy Kingdom of Albion is a theocracy that claims dominion over the extensive island to the west
of the continent. Grounded in its faith and with the pontifex of Palevian Orthodoxy at its head, the
kingdom holds significant sway diplomatically and militaristically. Many winged folk live within its

unicorn overlord nigel

Nigel (voiced by Takayuki Ishii)
“While the breath of life still flows through me, you’ll not cross this point.”
Leader of the Knights of the Sacred Heart in Unicorn Overlord, he attained reverend-knighthood at a young age, then claimed the role of captain after playing an influential role in Albion’s defense against Zenoira.

unicorn overlord sanatio

Sanatio (voiced by Mutsumi Tamura)
“I shall see it through, even if I must suffer eternal damnation as a result.”
Angelic attendant to the pontifex and leader of the Heavenswing Knights in Unicorn Overlord. As a winged reverend knight, he was identified as a future leader of the Orthodoxy at a young age.

unicorn overlord elgor

Elgor (voiced by Shigeru Chiba)
“Now, the time has come to set sail. And I’ll be paying the fare with your life.”
A knight of Reimann, high commander of the northern Zenoiran Army, who dons a set of ancient
Zenoiran armor. It’s said none have seen his face and lived to tell the tale.

Unicorn Overlord is scheduled to release on March 8, 2024, for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch.

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