Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director Naoki Hamaguchi Claims Patch to Fix Performance Mode Visuals on the Way

March 4 Update: Reworded some parts to make it clearer that the facial lighting is just one part of the update, as Hamaguchi-san cannot divulge the full details of the patch.

Part of what makes Final Fantasy VII Rebirth so good is its stunning vistas and visual fidelity, but many have expressed their disappointment with how much lower the performance mode’s visual quality turned out to be compared to the much sharper graphics mode.

During his visit to the Philippines, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director Naoki Hamaguchi mentions that while he cannot reveal the full details of what it contains, he says that an update patch is on the way, and one of the things it will fix is visual quality in performance mode.


“We’ve received a lot of feedback on whether the graphics in the performance mode will be improved or not. We hear you, and we are currently working on an update patch to improve that aspect. I don’t think the release date would be far away from now.”

When asked for more details, Hamaguchi clarifies that he cannot divulge the full contents of the patch, but part of the update will address instances in the game where the characters can look a little bit scary when the lighting hits them at a certain angle.

“We have heard from players that in certain situations, the facial lighting makes some character shadows look very scary. So that’s one part of the update that we are working on.”


When asked about his preference between Graphics and Performance mode for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, he quickly and simply answers “I like to play other games in graphics mode as well because I like to see better graphics.”

And why not? The game is stunning, and with all of the work done by the development team to raise the quality to the highest level, enjoying the views is certainly the way to go while experiencing the gripping story.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available on PS5.

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