Synduality: Echo of Ada CBT Happening On March 28 to April 1

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia has announced that Synduality: Echo of Ada, the new PvPvE Extraction shooter, will be having a closed beta test (CBT) on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam from March 28 until April 1.

In the CBT, players can expect to pick their AI companion, called a Magus, and their CRADLECOFFIN, an armed robot, to jump in different missions to collect not only AO Crystals, a rare resource, but also aim to see a glimpse of the truth about what happened to Amasia.

On the field, they will have to face the various threats on the map, including other Drifters that might be interested in their loot.

synduality enders

The Synduality CBT will also offer customization and crafting options so players can bond and grow together with their Magus while finding the best combination of weapons and CRADLECOFFINs that matches the way they play.

Interested players can register their interest on THIS LINK to gain access to the CBT.

synduality cradle coffin

The Synduality Echo of Ada closed beta test (CBT) is happening from March 28 until April 1.

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