Stellar Blade – Best Exospines and Gears

Stellar Blade has fast action and faster combat, placing a premium on parrying enemy attacks rather than evasive maneuvers. Players will have different approaches to the game, and Eve can acquire equipment that can suit various playstyles.

Eve’s equipment falls into two main categories: Exospine and Gear. Exospines may dictate Eve’s playstyle to a certain point, enhancing specific aspects that grant advantages in battle, like the Reflex-type Exospine prioritizing easier parries and dodges. Gears offer bonus effects, such as extra damage to shields, increased gold acquisition, and much more.

When paired strategically with Exospines, Eve becomes supremely adept at handling foes, allowing for build options to a certain degree.

Here are the best Exospines and Gears in Stellar Blade.

stellar blade parry

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Stellar Blade – Best Exospines


stellar blade best exospine reflex type

This is a no-brainer, and it might even be an Exospine that you’ll want to use until the final boss. It doesn’t offer a significant buff in its first upgrade level, but max it out and you’ll be treated to an easier timing window for both perfect dodges and perfect parries.

With Stellar Blade being quite the tough cookie to crack, you’ll need all the help you can get, and by pairing this Exospine with some of the best skills in the game, you’ll be parrying (and dodging) like a pro in no time.


stellar blade best exospine camouflage type

Not all combat sequences in Stellar Blade need to be approached recklessly, especially outside of boss battles. While exploring the world, being resilient is advisable so that you can roam around as much as you can before needing to rest at a campsite.

With Ambush being one of the best skills in the game because it can one-shot enemies from behind, the Camouflage-type Exospine will be perfect to better approach enemies undetected. On its third level upgrade, you’ll gain HP for every execution, and when paired with Gears that replenish health for every enemy kill, you’ll be scouring the world with full health all the time.

Burst Trance-type

stellar blade best exospine burst type

Later in the game, Eve will gain access to a new skill tree that will hold powerful Burst Skills, using up a new resource called Burst Energy. Burst skills are powerful offensive attacks that have special properties, making them integral in the later boss fights that prove to be more challenging.

The Burst Trance-type Exospine not only gives Eve more Burst Energy at her disposal, but will also increase the damage of these Burst Skills and recharge energy quickly once certain conditions are met. The more Burst Skills you can use in battle, the better, and this Exospine will prove to be invaluable during boss fights.


stellar blade best exospine judgment type

After a certain fated encounter, Eve will harness Tachy’s power, allowing her to activate Tachy Mode, which will grant her invulnerability for a limited time while she slices and dices foes.

The Judgment-type Exospine will provide various properties, allowing Eve to charge the Tachy gauge quickly, along with lengthening the time Tachy Mode can be used. If that’s not enough, you can also manually disable Tachy Mode, knocking down nearby enemies for a more tactical maneuver.

Stellar Blade – Best Gears

Combat Supply

stellar blade best gears combat supply

Remember the Camouflage-type Exospine from earlier? The one that replenishes health for every enemy execution? Use this Combat Supply Gear in conjunction with that, and you’ll be gaining so much health after disposing of enemies that you may not even get to use your healing items while roaming the world.

Shield Destruction

stellar blade best gears shield destruction

Enemy shields in Stellar Blade are pesky because they decrease the damage the enemy takes, prolonging battles and boss fights.

The Shield Destruction Gear will make short work of those shields, and when used with the Shield Breaker Beta Skill, even boss shields will melt in as little as 2 skill activations, opening them up to some sweet damage from Eve and her acrobatic maneuvers.

Beta Charge

stellar blade best gears beta charge

More skills used = more enemies killed. It’s a simple equation, and Eve will want to keep her Beta Energy gauge always at the ready for when tough enemies appear.

The Beta Charge Gear will give players a much-needed buff for recharging Beta Energy, and this can be further improved by upgrading some of the best skills in the game that recharge Beta Energy every time you hit an enemy.

Burst Charge

stellar blade best gears burst charge

Burst Skills are invaluable, especially against boss fights, as activating them renders Eve invincible for a short time, especially the Tempest Burst Skill.

You’ll want to use as many Burst Skills in a single boss encounter, and the Burst Charge Gear will assist you with that due to its ability to recharge Burst Energy faster than normal.

Stellar Blade is now available for PS5.

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