Diablo Immortal’s Tempest Class Skills Revealed

In a nutshell

  • Diablo Immortal’s Tempest Class is launching on May 23
  • Diablo Immortal’s latest class is defined by high mobility, the ability to summon Zephyrs, and proficiency in both melee and ranged attacks
  • The Tempests are warrior-priests who can control wind and water

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed new information and a deep dive for Diablo Immortal‘s upcoming Tempest class.

Diablo Immortal’s Tempests have rich lore, cast off from a storm-torn colony as exiles. This devout community is much like the lands themselves—shaped by wind and waves to be powerful guardians of Sanctuary. Players will take on the role of a Tempest warrior, embarking on a mission to rescue an island from encroaching mists.

The Tempests are warrior-priests who can control the elements of wind and water. In combat, this class is highly mobile, moving in and out of encounters with ease due to their proficiency with both melee and ranged combat.

Additionally, this Diablo Immortal class can summon unique Zephyrs, minions that can mirror class abilities, making them fearsome combatants who can clear enemy mobs with ease. These summons do not persist in the world and act on a cooldown, pairing well with the Tempests’ mobility.

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Diablo Immortal – All Tempest Skills

Here are the skills of the Tempest class in Diablo Immortal:

Passive Skill

  • Mist Touched: A passive skill unique to the Tempest. Every 8 seconds, your next attack summons a Zephyr to fight.

Primary attacks and Ultimate

  • Wind Edge: Empower your edges with violent winds that allow you to quickly slash at nearby enemies, dealing damage. If an enemy is out of range you will rush to their location, but against enemy players this has a cooldown.
  • Piercing Gale (Ultimate): Enhances Wind Edge temporarily, allowing you to charge forward and slice through enemies, dealing damage. You also gain a shield that absorbs damage.
  • Wave Edge (Unlocked at Level 34): Empower your edges with the crashing tides to create water whips that allow you to unleash a series of sweeping attacks, dealing damage to your primary target and nearby enemies.
  • Power of the Deeps (Ultimate): Enhances Wave Edge temporarily, increasing your range and allowing you to attack enemies all around you, dealing damage. You also gain a shield that absorbs damage.


  • Breaker: Flourish your blade edges, unleashing a wave that crashes over enemies, dealing damage. As the wave crashes into the ground, it conjures a Zephyr.
  • Crosswinds: You and your Zephyrs unleash a gust of wind at a targeted location, dealing damage.
  • Vortex (Unlocked at Level 3): Conjure a vortex that pulls in nearby enemies, continually dealing damage.
  • Squall (Unlocked at Level 8): Call on the power of the wind to teleport you and your Zephyrs to a target location, unleashing a swirl of attacks, dealing damage.
  • Blade Dance (Unlocked at Level 15): Throw the blades of your edges forward into the ground, dealing damage to enemies and stunning them. After a short delay, you pull yourself into the blades, damaging and knocking back enemies along your path.
  • Cascade (Unlocked at Level 20): You and your Zephyrs slam your edges into the ground unleashing a crashing wave around you, damaging enemies within the area.
  • Flowing Strike (Unlocked at Level 28): Conjure a Zephyr at your current location as you Dash forward in a flurry of blades and water, damaging enemies in your path.
  • Tidal Rush (Unlocked at Level 38): You and a targeted Zephyr Dash at each other’s current location to slice through enemies in your wake, dealing damage.
  • Zephyr Surge (Unlocked at Level 41): Dissipate into the air to become untargetable and unleash a flurry of 5 slashes on nearby enemies, dealing damage. Zephyr Surge also consumes all of your Zephyrs, empowering the attack with 1 additional slash for each Zephyr consumed.
  • Wind Walk (Unlocked at Level 44): Conjure a cyclone, temporarily increasing your Attack Speed and making you untargetable while you remain inside the storm.
  • Rolling Surf (Unlocked at Level 47): Empower yourself with the sea, causing your and your Zephyrs’ Primary Attacks to hurl water blades that penetrate enemies, dealing damage. Additionally, your Movement Speed is increased, and you ride a wave that allows you to Primary Attack and move at the same time.
  • Riptide (Unlocked at Level 50): Release your edges to command the water around you into a crushing tide that pulls in nearby enemies, damaging and stunning them.
  • Stormfury (Unlocked at Level 53): Imbue your edges and the weapons of nearby allies, causing your Primary Attacks to unleash slashes of wind, dealing additional damage.

Are you looking forward to using Diablo Immortal’s Tempest class when it arrives on May 23?

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