New Nintendo Switch OLED model announced


No longer a series of rumors and reports, Nintendo have finally announced a new Nintendo Switch, although it may not be quite the one many were expecting it to be.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model features a bigger (7″ compared to 6.2″) and more vibrant OLED screen, and some much desired upgrades such as a wider kickstand base, enhanced audio, 64GB internal memory, and a wired LAN port built into the dock.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model will cost $349.99 when it releases on October 8.

It’s not quite the “Pro” that most were expecting, but some of the features presented in this new release are quite welcome especially for those who haven’t purchased a Switch yet.

Check out some more images below:

Nintendo Switch OLED

The new model will release on October 8 for $349.99.

Will you be getting one when it launches?

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