Yoko Taro wants a Nier Automata and Fall Guys Collaboration

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been the surprise hit of the year, with brands fighting it out to get their own Fall Guys costumes in-game. Its simple yet exciting gameplay lends itself to a very easy pick up and play title, so much so that Yoko Taro himself wants a Nier Automata costume for the game.

Yoko Taro had been streaming gameplay of Fall Guys as Mediatonic’s Ed Fear caught onto it and watched along with fans of the famed Japanese Game Director.


On chat, Fear mentioned that he was part of Mediatonic which Yoko Taro saw. The rest, as they say, is history, as Fear was asked to let the Mediatonic team know that the Nier team at Square Enix wants to do a collab with Fall Guys.


Yoko Taro, only had 1 word to say of this…


With Yoko Taro asking so nicely, how can they say no? The now infamous Fall Guys Twitter Account knows about it as well…

With almost everybody wanting a piece of the Fall Guys pie, maybe Yoko Taro would have to fall in line first but hey, let’s see where this goes, especially with season 2 coming in soon.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available as a free PS Plus game for the PlayStation 4 and PC, with talks of a mobile version coming to China.

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