Stellar Blade Adding Boss Challenge Mode in New Update

In a nutshell

  • On May 24, a new Stellar Blade update will add a boss challenge mode
  • The update will also include 3 new suits and a few quality-of-life improvements

Shift Up has announced that Stellar Blade‘s Patch 1.003 goes live today, and it includes new features such as a Boss Challenge, new Nano Suits, and improved quality of life features.

Here are all the details of the latest Stellar Blade update:

Boss Challenge

The boss challenge mode will have players go up against the 19 bosses in the base game. Playing in this mode will require players to have previously defeated them, and a hard difficulty will be available after seeing the ending of the game.

The boss challenge mode in Stellar Blade will allow players to use their own gear or several presets that will determine the challenge level. Choosing the minimum preset will offer the most challenge, while the maximum preset will upgrade the players to the max and will allow for some flashy maneuvers.

Battle data from these bosses, like perfect parries, dodges, and more, will be recorded. A special Neurolink suit will be awarded when all bosses are defeated on Normal difficulty or higher.

New Nano Suits

Three new Nano Suits will be added to Stellar Blade when this update hits:

  • Neurolink Suit – From the boss challenge
  • White Kunoichi
  • Black Kunoichi

Additionally, some quality-of-life improvements will also be added, such as the ability to lock on to the enemy again after switching to ranged attack mode and the option to always show the compass in the HUD.

Are you looking forward to these updates from Stellar Blade?

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