Quantum Error is the first cross generation Horror title for the PS5

We still don’t know much about the PS5. Apart from the hardware and specs, two of the more important things like price and launch titles are still a bit of a secret for now. We know for sure that Godfall, a looter slasher game from Gearbox, will be coming out in the same release window as the PS5 but whether it is a launch title is to be determined.

Quantum Error, a cross generation PS4 and PS5 game, is the next title to be announced and it is from TeamKill Media. Check out the announcement teaser below:

Quantum Error is dubbed as a cosmic horror FPS, with some Dead Space vibes going for it. As of writing, it is not determined to be a PS5 launch title yet but given that it will be releasing on the PS4 may give us some hint that it could be releasing not too long after the launch of the PS5.

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