Fuel your Final Fantasy 7 Remake fix with this cardboard Buster Sword DIY guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is quite possibly one of the biggest releases this year, shipping out 3.5 million units despite the pandemic. A lot of people are on a high about the game and you can expect cosplayers to rekindle their FF7 love by cosplaying the cast as soon as conventions are back. Only problem is, how exactly do you recreate the weapons in the game, particularly Cloud’s hulking swords that are even bigger than some people we know of?

Youtuber Crafty Transformer has been making all sorts of stuff using cardboard – the Yugioh Duel Disk, a Monster Hunter World Heavy Bowgun, and even the Sekiro Prosthetic Arm. This time, with the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it was about time he take on the challenge of re-creating Cloud’s Buster Sword. The results are mindblowing, as he could even make it spin like Cloud does in his victory animation from the original game.


Check out the full video below for the whole DIY guide:

While we wait for the second installment of the game, would it be too much to request for the “Conformer” weapon for Yuffie? Pretty please?

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