Crash Bandicoot Mobile game from King is now available on limited access for Android devices

Following a leak from a couple of months back, the Crash Bandicoot Mobile game is actually available now… if you’re one of the lucky few with android devices… In Malaysia.

King, creators of the hit mobile game Candy Crush and Activision Blizzard owned, have launched a limited playtest in for their next title, an endless runner in the form of Crash Bandicoot. Right now, it is only available in Malaysia but it would be safe to assume that it will be opening up other territories soon enough.

The title has been met with varying comments, from happy to disappointed, as fans were mostly expecting a new game altogether.

Youtube Content Creator OGL Gameplays has posted a video on the game which you can check out below:

While not the game many were expecting, Crash Bandicoot offers gameplay that lends itself well to the mobile platform and an endless runner does make sense seeing as some parts of the original game have the same mechanics.

This shift to mobile will also allow Crash to reach an even wider audience base seeing as almost everybody has a smartphone these days.

Will you be playing the game once it has opened to more territories?

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