Some gamers are getting free Persona 5 Royal Themes and Avatars just by playing it

Some PlayStation users are getting emails that contain Persona 5 Royal Avatars and Themes after hitting specific milestones in the game. In this case, after beating the first palace.

Reddit user Liquid_Genome shared an email received that highlights exclusive themes and avatars. It is important to note that from the thread, most (if not all) of the users confirming the rewards email are from the UK, sparking conversation that the rewards may be region specific.

Another user by the name of LogicalFisherino says that he contacted PS Support and received a reply that says “there are 4 sets of these actually that you get for reaching specific milestones. They said the codes will be distributed to players within 14 days of achieving the trophies”. Also noteworthy that he is from Canada, meaning that the promotion may be more widespread than once thought, and not just limited to the UK.

Liquid_Genome has also confirmed that the themes you receive are the ones from the Asian Region storefronts. You can take a peek at them below:

Similarly, Sony has given out rewards to players who have gotten the Platinum Trophy for Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War, so this is not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Have you played (and received) a similar email for this particular reward?

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