The Last Of Us 2 spoilers leak online, take extreme precaution

The Last of Us 2 is not in a very good place right now. First, the indefinite delay as announced by Naughty Dog themselves, which they’ve started offering refunds for if you had purchased a digital copy. Second, and the worst kind of news, is that leaks have started making their way online about the upcoming title. The leaks are so bad that gameplay and apparently parts of the ending are included in the videos that have been circulating.

We will NOT be posting links to the videos but we’ve received confirmation from close friends that they have actually seen the leak and have already been spoiled from the videos circulating in a lot of Reddit and 4Chan links.

Now whether the leak is from a legitimate copy of the game or not remains to be seen but Sony has been on high alert and have taken measures to block the initial source of the videos. Of course there may still be remnants lying around so take extreme precaution when searching for anything The Last of Us 2 related.

What does this mean for the upcoming release? Will Sony and Naughty Dog be forced to launch early to mitigate the leaks despite possible distribution issues that have plagued recent titles like Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake due to the COVID-19 outbreak? We’ll wait for an official statement from Sony if they choose to do so.

We ask that everyone be respectful of others who have waited for many years to play this game. Please practice common courtesy and if you stumble upon the video, do your part and don’t share it any further.

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