Returnal: Ascension Free Update Adds Co-op And Endless Mode, Releases March 22

Return to Atropos with Returnal: Ascension, a new and free update announced today during Sony’s State of Play. The free update comes with The Tower of Sisyphus mode and co-op play to reduce the crushing difficulty of this bullet-hell roguelite that’s given us quite a lot of headaches last year.

By accessing the Chronosis portal in parts of the game, you have the option to take on Atropos co-op style, making the perilous trek a bit easier. Progression is also tied to the host, so it is a great way to move forward in the game if you find yourself stuck in a certain biome or boss.

The Tower of Sisyphus survival mode is an endless tower that gets progressively harder, and it’s definitely for players who feel like they’ve scoured Atropos for all its worth. The further you go, the higher your score multiplier goes, allowing for bragging rights and a spot on the Leaderboards.

The tower of Sisyphus will also feature new narrative content to discover for those who want to continue more of Selene’s story and see a glimpse into the past.

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Returnal: Ascension update releases on March 22, 2022 exclusively for the PS5.

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