Job listing points to the PlayStation 5 releasing in October 2020


Facebook Page Nmia Gaming updated their initial post that Famitsu has reached out to Sony and Sony Interactive Entertainment has denied the October release date, stating it was an error on the part of the site

If this is indeed true, then we’ve got around 5 months to go before we get a taste of the next generation.

Twitter user Nibel, known for a lot of leaks and insider information, points out that there is a job listing on the NEXT website about the PlayStation 5 being released in October 2020.

You can see the tweet and the translated listing below:

The listing further states that the job listing will be working “in cooperation with the design department and the quality assurance department to create PlayStation 5, which will be released in October 2020.”

While this is certainly welcome news, Sony has not confirmed this news yet and in fact, have been scarce with information about the next generation console as of late.

For now, we’ll peg this is as something that we hope will happen, but of course, plans can change, especially with the COVID-19 outbreak still at large.

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