Valorant is scheduled to launch on June 2

After what seems like forever (the lockdown really messed up our body clocks), Valorant will finally go worldwide on June 2, with the game being free to download from the official website.

Peep the announcement video below from the Valorant Youtube Channel:

Right now, the game is on CBT or closed beta testing and Riot will be using this period to gain information about the game, fixing what’s needed before the game goes live for everyone. CBT will end on May 28 and it is important to note that if you’re one of the lucky players to have gained access during this phase, all progress will be reset so everyone starts off fresh.

Upon launch, a new agent and map will be added along with a beta game mode, skins, and a battle pass. Players from North America, Europe, South Korea, Japan and much more will be the first to hop into the game with everyone else following shortly after.

As with all worldwide releases, expect extremely high server traffic, which is why Riot will be deploying new servers in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid, and Warsaw to handle the load.

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