Stray Blade Places Exploration and Progression at the Forefront of the Experience

During the recently concluded 505 Games Showcase, developer Point Blank Games revealed a host of new details for their upcoming action RPG, Stray Blade.

Stray Blade has no multiplayer component planned at the moment, but the developers have taken steps to ensure that exploration will play a big role in the game. Game Director Leonard Kausch explains that a big part of what makes the exploration relevant to combat is how it is tied to the weapon mastery system. Since it is the main source of player progression, exploring and finding resources to craft new weapons will directly progress your character.

Special attacks and rune slots will be unlocked through mastery of these 11 weapons, and Stray Blade will always encourage the player to try out something new by having upgrades affect all weapons. Players won’t have to go through the feeling of being underpowered by choosing a new weapon to try out so changing playstyles is easy for the players.

stray blade screenshot 1

Players will be given very subtle guidance by doing away with overwhelming the players with multiple map markers and arrows, but instead put emphasis on exploring the world with your sidekick, Boji, who will play a big role in the game by opening up paths and even reviving the player at times.

In line with this progression, the world will progress as well, and when the player dies, the world will have moved on 5 minutes later. A shrine that you may have cleared prior could now be infested by another enemy group, bringing in a new experience should the player wish to try exploring the shrine again.

On top of this, there will be no classes to choose from in Stray Blade, but instead, the player will get to try out various weapons and abilities to discover. The main characters, Farren and Boji, will each have their own skill trees, which will further in-game individualization.

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Stray Blade Key Features

  • THE UNTOLD STORY: Embark on an unforgettable journey and discover the story of Acrea and its ancient legacy. Discover the whole history that turned the peaceful valley into a place of war and death. Use this knowledge to destroy the relics of the past and restore peace in the war-torn valley.
  • FULL COMBAT CONTROL: The hyper-responsive combat system allows quick reactions and precise attacks to fully control the flow of battle. It merges strategic anticipation of enemy attacks with split-second blade-to-blade reactions — the High Noon of melee weapon combat.
  • CHANGING WORLD: Change is part of your journey where every victory leaves a mark in the world. Time keeps moving forward even if you die. Revisit the places of former victory and experience the changes you brought to the world. But beware! Your actions will lead to even greater challenges.
  • EXPLORE THE LOST VALLEY: Acrea’s colorful world ranges from overgrown city ruins to frozen caves and winding canyons. Together with your companion, explore the deepest corners of an ever-changing world bristling with adventure. Every discovery holds treasures. Find rare materials, recipes, weapons, lore pieces, and beautiful places.
  • PROGRESSION: The Adventurer is a fighter who gains experience through battle, whereas Boji is a craftsman who increases his experience by finding pieces of ancient lore.

Stray Blade is scheduled for a 2023 release on the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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