Resident Evil 8 listing leaked, rumored to be part of the PlayStation 5 event

Resident Evil 8 rumors have been churning for quite a while now but none as ‘solid’, if you might say, as this one.

A German retailer called GamesOnly recently put out a listing for Resident Evil 8 which includes concept box art (not final) accompanied by a tagline – “darkest and cruelest addition to the franchise.”

This listing was spotted by Twitter user Ken Xyro but is now taken down:

To sweeten the deal, known insider AestheticGamer claims that the reveal of the game will happen during the PS5 event, which he says that the recent sale of Resident Evil titles and the biggest discount for Resident Evil 7 (50% off at the PlayStation Store) were supposed to accompany the reveal.

He also goes on to say that he is “mighty positive” that the PS5 event will include the RE8 reveal for multiple reasons.

Of course, as always, grain of salt until an official announcement comes from Capcom.

We won’t have to wait long for the PlayStation 5 event, which is now scheduled for June 11 and will showcase a lineup of games that fans are extremely excited about. If Resident Evil 8 is indeed part of the list, then the showcase will surely be a big one.

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