Shinji Mikami is ok with a Resident Evil 4 remake as long as it turns out good

Apart from Resident Evil 2, which was remade to major success and acclaim, one title in the series that many would agree deserves the same treatment would be Resident Evil 4.

We had written a couple of months back about VGC spilling some beans on the remake and that Capcom is actually in the process of working on it, with the release window being set for 2022. More importantly, the project has reportedly received the blessing of the original director Shinji Mikami.

In an interview with IGN, Shinji Mikami breaks his silence about the rumored remake. Mikami had seen how well the Resident Evil 2 remake did and personally thought that it was very good and when asked about if he had any issues about Resident Evil 4 being remade by a new team, his answer was very short and straight to the point.

“As long as it turns out good I have no issues with it.”

Is it confirmation? Not really, but logic points to a Resident Evil 4 remake being a matter of when and not if, given the success of the recent remakes. It would also be a great showcase of the next generation consoles, using one of the most successful Resident Evil titles as possibly the first next generation game from the franchise.

Mikami also shared a story about cutting certain content from the original Resident Evil 4, saying “I had no intention of making it a long game. It’s just that after we put everything I wanted into the game, it ended up becoming a long game. We actually took out a lot of content.” Mikami continues to say that “There’s a castle stage, which I think we threw out about 40% of. The space was too big with a lot of blocked off areas that lacked freshness and just wasn’t fun. Also, [we removed it] because we couldn’t make it within the time we had to develop the game. Those were the two reasons for taking that section out of the game.”

Do you wish for Resident Evil 4 to be remade or do you think that Resident Evil 4 should be left alone? Let us know in the comments!

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