For Honor free weekend kicks off for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

If you’ve ever been intrigued about the 2017 action game from Ubisoft, this could be the best time to try it out as For Honor will be having a free-to-play weekend for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Ubisoft has announced that For Honor will be free to download and play until July 28 at 4AM on Uplay and Steam while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will be able to enjoy the game until July 27 at 2:59PM. Should you find the experience enjoyable enough, you can proceed to purchase the game at a massive discount of up to 80% off and carry your progress over to the full version.

Free Weekend players will have full access to the Standard Edition of For Honor, which includes the story mode, all multiplayer game modes, 26 heroes, and 30 maps.

Additionally, For Honor players can look forward to a new update on August 6, which adds the new Warmonger Hero, which you can choose to purchase on first party store as part of a package including new Hero, 1 exclusive Ornament, 1 Elite Outfit, seven days of Champion Status or only the Hero with 15,000 steel on August 20.

For more information about the For Honor free weekend, you can check out the Ubisoft site.

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