Steve Saylor, blind gamer, praises The Last of Us 2 for its accessibility options

Many of you may not have heard of Steve Saylor, until today.

Steve is a Youtuber and a streamer, an all around gamer. More importantly, Steve is a blind gamer, and he is a very staunch advocate of gaming accessibility.

It is understandable that everyone would want to play all of the games that are scheduled to be released, The Last of Us 2 included. Steve is one of them, and when he got to see the accessibility options that the game has to offer, it simply brought him to tears, saying “This what myself and others in the accessibility community have been advocating for so long, there’s so much here. This is why I do what I do. This is why I work so hard to promote accessibility. This is why, because this is important.”

Check out the heartwarming video below:

The response has been tremendous, that even Cory Barlog, Hermen Hulst, and even Neil Druckmann himself thanked Steve for appreciating their hard work.

While not the first game to do so, The Last of Us 2 has a wealth of accessibility options, from a high contrast mode to a text to speech mode, all designed to help impaired players enjoy the game. Co-director Anthony Newman even went on record to say that you can achieve the Platinum trophy even if you are blind.

This is not a first, but this is hopefully a big push for developers to think of adding these options to games in the future because everyone, even our physically impaired brothers and sisters, deserves to play.

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