KFC Philippines invites you to the Colonel’s Island in Animal Crossing

The quarantine has proven to be a tough time for everyone but most of us lucky enough to have a Nintendo Switch enjoyed Animal Crossing tremendously, giving us the getaway that we needed to cope with the worries of the world.

You can dress up as a superhero, you may have even seen Elijah Wood or Danny Trejo running around the island… but how about visiting the Colonel himself?

KFC Philippines is apparently a huge fan of Animal Crossing. So big, in fact, that the Colonel has created his own island in the game, filled with his trademark finger licking good chicken.

There’s a mini-kitchen…

Some KFC typography…

And even his super secret storage of 11 herbs and spices!

Best thing about visiting the island is that if you spot the Colonel, you may stand a chance to win a for an 8-PC KFC bucket for free!

How do you visit the island? Simply follow KFC Philippines on Facebook and wait for the daily dodo code to gain access to the Colonel’s island and dine in to enjoy a good time and even better chicken.

See you there!

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