There are no plans for The Last of Us 2 DLC

With The Last of Us 2 done and dusted, some people might be wondering what’s next for the game. Certainly there is some sort of multiplayer that’s going to follow but in terms of DLC, it’s been clarified that Naughty Dog has no plans of doing that for the game.

During a recent spoilercast with Kinda Funny Gamescast (which you should obviously not watch if you have not played the game yet), Neil Druckmann himself has made it clear that currently, there are no plans to have DLC for The Last of Us 2, which you can catch at around the 1:51:40 mark of the video as an answer to a fan question.

“No, with Last of Us I think we had some season pass or something that said ahead of time we have some story DLC – no there’s no plans for that.”

The Last of Us 2 has been divisive, to say the least. There are some that totally love it to bits, even making some great creations with the guitar player in the game. Some, well, don’t like it as much, and have vocally expressed their dislike for the game.

Will extra DLC content be enough to appease fans? If there would be DLC, what content would you want?

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