Check out some of these amazing guitar covers recreated in The Last of Us 2

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The Last of Us 2 is out and for some of you who have gone through parts of the game, you’ll know that Ellie does finally learn how to play the guitar. In fact, she’s quite good at it, and at some point in the game you’ll be able to strum a few chords and play a few tunes yourself.

Media website VG247 has uploaded a video on their Youtube Channel with some songs that they recreated using the guitar… mini-game (would you call it a mini-game?) in The Last of Us 2 and while some may not be 100% on point, it is quite a feat to actually do this proficiently!

Check out the video below:

They go on to recreate Californication, Black Hole Sun, Hallelujah, and much more. It’s great and it shows how well the touch pad on the DualShock is utilized by this portion of the game. What’s even more amazing is that he isn’t simply strumming out the chords, he also does intricate “plucks” along the way. If you’ve reached this guitar portion of the game, you’ll know how tough it is to do this.

One of the most well known streamers locally has also taken a stab at the guitar section of the game and she even sings a song too, making this a super collab that’s worthy of a listen.

In case you didn’t know, that’s streamer and overall awesome gamer Ashley Gosiengfiao, recreating a song from her band called Midnight Meetings. Yes, she knows how to play an actual guitar and can sing as well! In between her busy schedule, Ashley is always up for a gaming session or two and you can catch her as she streams regularly on Twitch!

A Youtuber by the name of Paolo Gregorio has also uploaded a couple of videos of his renditions, which are equally as impressive. Particularly in his video of “Harana”, a song made famous by Parokya ni Edgar, he has to switch tabs to cover the other chords of the song. Impressive! Give the man a subscribe, will ya?

Jules Danting also has his own rendition of “Ang Huling El Bimbo”, making it a collab with none other than… Ellie Buendia. Witty!

When everyone has had their practice with the guitar, well, we can all hope to be as good as Twitter User vgdunkey below, who only took a couple tries to get it right…

Have you messed around with the guitar section of the game as well? Let us know if you’ve tried recreating songs on it too!


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