Image leak shows PlayStation 5 ‘swappable’ outer casing

Not everyone is loving the White and Black theme that the PlayStation 5 is bringing to the table when it comes out later this year. The internet has been quick to make new concept designs and memes about it, but if this leak proves to be true, then you can customize your PS5 to the exact way you want it to look.

As posted on the A9VG and ResetEra forums, leaked images of the supposed outer shell casing of the PS5 have surfaced and judging from the looks of it, we can speculate that the casing is something you can detach, allowing for customization options.

First off, we’re not quite sure if these are legit images or not, so take these with a grain of salt as with anything unofficial.

There are a few things to notice here based on the images above. The lack of screws suggest that the casing is something you can just pop out, which will make customizing the look of your PlayStation 5 a snap. Either you customize it yourself, spray paint the panel, etch on it, draw on it… This also opens up the possibility of Sony selling custom designed panels, similar to what the Xbox 360 did with their faceplates.

Opening up the panels on each side will also allow for internal parts to be swapped in and out, when available. People have been upgrading their PS4 hard drives to accommodate bigger storage solutions but with the PS5 having a custom high speed SSD, then it won’t be as easy this time around.

There’s also the question of size, and if the pieces of paper are of a regular 8.5×11 size, then the PlayStation 5 is looking to be HUGE.

All of this goes back to the interview Geoff Keighley had with PlayStation Worldwide Marketing Head Eric Lempel, where he mentioned talking about these “at some point”, indicating that the possibility is there. And with good reason, as the PlayStation 4 has produced some really good looking limited editions like the Monster Hunter World Rathalos edition or the more recent The Last of Us 2 PS4 Pro.

Whatever the case (pun intended) may be, what we do know for sure is that the PlayStation 5 is currently scheduled to release later this year and will come in a Disc-based and Digital version.

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