Killjoy, the latest Valorant agent, joins the fight next week

The first Act in Valorant is about to come to an end. Come next week, Act II will begin and with it, some much needed changes to the competitive system but also the debut of a brand new agent that goes by the name of Killjoy.

Check out the reveal trailer below:

Not much is known about Killjoy, except that she is a genius inventor that deploys her killer tech for some potent defensive impact. As seen in the trailer, she can use her bots as turrets or to set tripwires across the map, signalling the approach of an enemy before they can get the jump on you. With the right setup, breaking a defensive team anchored on Killjoy’s abilities will probably be a hard case to crack.

As with other agents, a Spotify playlist dedicated to Killjoy can be streamed in full HERE.

For more info on the latest patch notes and updates, check out the official Valorant website.

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