Beating The Last of Us Part II on Grounded or Permadeath treats players to a surprise

Remember this scene? Of course you do, we all do. Joel’s guitar skills apparently do not “suck” as Ellie puts it, sheepishly singing “Future Days” by Pearl Jam. He doesn’t quite finish the whole song, which is sad because he’ll actually never get to… or so we thought?

The Last of Us Part 2 recently added a huge update which included a Permadeath mode, tons of filters and gameplay mods, and Grounded difficulty, which ups the challenge to 11. The thought of it is frightening enough, especially when you think about the Bloater and Rat King encounters, but if you do take on the challenge and finish Grounded difficulty, you’ll be rewarded with an little surprise when the credits start rolling.

On Twitter, BeingHuman1993 posted his achievement of beating the game on said difficulty and once the credits rolled, a special version of the “Future Days” track plays in the background. What’s special about it? It’s the full version which Joel, or Troy Baker, performs beautifully.

Further down, it appears also that when you beat the game on Permadeath setting, another end credits song will roll which is “Through The Valley”.

For comparison, you would normally hear “Wayfaring Stranger” during the credits roll prior to the update.

It may not be the biggest addition or “surprise” to the game, but The Last of Us Part II is built on small, intricate details and the inclusion of these versions is one that fans of the game would truly appreciate.

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