Fall Guys raises $1 Million for Special Effect from the ‘Battle of the Brands’ charity contest

A couple of weeks ago, Fall Guys set up a bidding war entitled “Battle of the Brands”, where the highest bid after a 2-week period would have their brand costume in the game. Best thing about it is that the full amount would go to Special Effect, a UK-based charity that takes care of children with physical disabilities.

The winning bid? A cool $1,000,000 by @G2esports, @Ninja, @AimLab, and @MrBeastYT.


As the bidding war nearly finished, @FGTeev took the bid to $510,000 but as the name suggests, Ninja snipes that out of the air with a massive bid, nearly double, taking it to $1 Mil.

Special Effect, floored with the outpouring of support, has since expressed much gratitude to everybody who made this possible, and the donation will make up for lack of funding because of COVID-19.


We can only assume that each member of the “group” that was formed will be receiving skins for the hefty donation, hopefully in time for season 2, where Fall Guys goes medieval.

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