Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls pre-order bonuses revealed

Even though the PlayStation 5 isn’t available for pre-orders yet in many parts of the world, including the Philippines, there have been pre-order developments on the games side of things at the very least. Starting today, you can start to stake your claim on Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls, with their respective bonuses revealed.

Miles Morales is headed to the PS4 too, previously being a PS5 exclusive, and pre-ordering will get you the following bonuses, as per the PlayStation Store:

  • T.R.A.C.K. Suit – Designed by Javier Garrón, one of the talented Marvel artists on the MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN comic book series. Zip up the Time Response Activated Circuit Kinetic (T.R.A.C.K.) Suit and unlock the Untrackable Suit Mod
  • Second Spidey Suit – TBA
  • Gravity Well Gadget – Get a web up with the early unlock of the Gravity Well Gadget. Pull enemies together to knock them down and disarm them with this new combat device
  • Extra Skill Points – Learn new powers and combat abilities more quickly with extra skill points to spend
spider-man miles morales pre-order bonus

We can only assume that PS5 pre-orders will give the same bonuses as well when it is formally announced.

And in a bit of good news (finally), Insomniac confirms that these bonuses can be unlocked via in-game progression, so players who miss out on the pre-order won’t need to worry too much. This is a pretty good revelation coming from the Spider-Man Remastered debacle from last week.

Demon’s Souls have also revealed a PS Store exclusive digital deluxe edition, which will retail for $89.99 (around PHP4,500) and will include a lot of in-game items to help you kickstart your journey.

  • Original Soundtrack
  • Legendary Hero Soul
  • Renowned Warrior Soul
  • Storied Warrior Soul
  • Red-Eye Knight Armor
  • Boletarian Royalty Armor
  • Ritual Blade
  • Hoplite Shield
  • Ring of Longevity
  • Preservation Grains
  • Phosphorescent Grains
  • Bearbug Grains
  • Large Hardstone Shard
  • Moonlightstone Shard
demon's souls digital deluxe edition

Pre-ordering the game will give the players an exclusive weapon called the Reaper Scythe.

Both Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls are launch titles for the PlayStation 5 when it releases on November 12 in selected territories and November 19 worldwide.

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