PlayStation Funko Pop Collection adds Higgs, Brok & Sindri, Aloy, and a super sized Thunderjaw

Just last month, we saw Sam Porter Bridges, Joel, Ratchet & Clank, as well as Sweet Tooth take form as Funko Pops. Today, the PlayStation Funko Pop Collection adds characters such as Higgs Monaghan from Death Stranding, Brok and Sindri from God of War, and Aloy with a super-sized Thunderjaw from Horizon Zero Dawn.

The announcement comes from Funko as part of their ongoing PlayStation lineup collaboration. Check them out below!

First up is Higgs Monaghan, the “big bad” of Death Stranding, in all his glory. It’s a particularly detailed figure, with BT’s lifting him up and even a cute little BB pod attached to his chest.

Next up is the Dwarven pair of Brok in Sindri, responsible for the creation of some of the most powerful weapons in the realm. They come as a pack of 2, just as brothers should be.

Last, we have Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, donning a Shadow Stalwart armor, ready to take down the next foe. She is paired with a super sized pop in the form of a Thunderjaw, which will be sold separately.

Based on the announcement, these pops will be exclusive to Gamestop retailers but that hasn’t stopped our local stores from getting their hands on them in the past. You’ll have to keep an eye out for these from well known stockists like FilbarsBig Boys or Hubbyte if you want to complete your collection, hopefully they’ll make an announcement soon.

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