Genshin Impact Version 1.1 coming in November

Genshin Impact has been a roaring success since it first launched, and to date, it has already grossed over a $100 Million, gaining back development and marketing costs at an astounding rate. MiHoYo have promised to support the game as best as they can and in doing so, have released news on a couple of updates that extend to 2021.

As seen and translated by the Genshin Impact Subreddit, 2 updates for the game are scheduled on November 11 and December 23, with the third update not having a specific release date yet. The first update will featured an activity called the “Never Returning Star Extinguishment”

On another Subreddit topic, it seems that Version 1.1 will be getting some features like the ability to lock items and a monster encyclopedia. Some quality of life additions such as using food without opening the menu will be added as well.

1.2 sees the “Longji Snow Mountain” area with accompanying events while 1.3 will see the “Festival of Lights” series.

At the moment, there are no other details to go by, but it’s good to know that updates are coming in at a pretty quick pace, seeing as Genshin Impact has quickly become a top grosser for the company.

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