PlayStation 5 custom faceplates will make your all-black PS5 a reality

Thanks to the recent PlayStation 5 teardown video, we now know that those huge Seto Kaiba-like white side plates can be taken off rather easily, immediately sparking ideas of custom PS5 designs. While Sony has not released or announced any official faceplates just yet, a company called PlateStation 5 (fantastic name if you ask us) is now taking pre-orders for custom colored faceplates that will give your PlayStation 5 a pop of color. Take note these are unofficial!

For now, they are offering 5 designs to choose from – Limited Edition V1 Matte Black, Cherry Red, Chromatic, Indigo Blue, and Jungle Camo. If you aren’t a fan of the default white faceplates, you the matte black or the red look pretty good.

It’s pretty interesting to know if they actually got their hands on a console themselves to properly come up with the exact dimensions of the faceplates, so we would caution potential buyers to do a bit of research first!

They’ll cost $40, or around PHP2,000, but that’s probably a cheap price to pay for adding a personal touch to your new console. If you can wait a bit, we’re pretty sure there will be a ton of other choices when the PlayStation 5 officially launches on November 12, maybe even official ones from Sony themselves.

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