Xbox Series S and X will offer improved visuals and frame rates for backwards compatible titles

Backwards compatibility is a core pillar for Microsoft coming into the next generation with its Series S and Series X. With its commitment to bring across whole libraries from previous generations, Microsoft isn’t only porting these titles but the power of the new consoles will allow the players to experience these games the way they were meant to be.

Microsoft went into detail on how all of this works, saying that “Backward compatible games run natively on the Xbox Series X and S, running with the full power of the CPU, GPU and SSD.” All backwards compatible titles will also benefit from Auto-HDR, allowing the game to produce more vibrant and vivid colors. Even titles from the original Xbox like Fuzion Frenzy will benefit from this, giving the game a brand new lease on life.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Microsoft’s backwards compatibility is bringing the games to play at much better frame rates like Sekiro and Final Fantasy XV. One prime example of this is Fallout 4, which now plays at 60FPS thanks to the power of the Series S and X. Remember how the current generation struggled to run this? Forget about that once the Series S and X come rolling along.

Both the Xbox Series S and X will allow backwards compatibility for all previous generations of Xbox consoles, bringing along all your save data and and enhanced gaming experience at no extra cost.

The Xbox Series S and X will be available worldwide on November 10.

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