Get a first look at a Spider-Man: Miles Morales boss fight and new screenshots

As we approach the launch of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, expectations are sky high for this launch title to carry the load for the PlayStation 5. The hype is indeed real, and it’s about to hit fever pitch as new boss fight footage and screenshots show off mighty fine details that is sure to please fans of the web slinger.

As part of a series of exclusive reveals from Game Informer, we are treated to a first look at the first boss fight in the game. Peep the footage below:

Looks pretty sweet, doesn’t it? While it may fundamentally be similar to the PS4 Spider-Man game, Miles has new combat abilities and an even completely new set of swinging animations, as confirmed by Andrew Reiner, Editor-in-chief of Game Informer.

Game Informer also shared a number of screenshots for the upcoming game, which are equally as good-looking as the video.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is scheduled to launch on November 12 as a PlayStation 5 launch title and will also be available for the PlayStation 4.

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