Next-gen launch consoles seem to be having issues, and yes, the ‘smoking’ Xbox is fake

The next-gen launch consoles are finally here. For everyone playing on these brand new devices, congratulations and we hope that wherever you are gaming, you enjoy your purchase to the fullest!

As with almost all console launches, there will be some hitches here and there, especially with the first batch of consoles. This is mainly the reason why a lot of people wait for a refresh or the next hardware iteration to iron out all the kinks. In the case of the Xbox Series X, there have been multiple reports of disc drive issues that seem to be more widespread than initially thought.

Oh, before we go to the disc drive issues… Those images and videos that you’ve seen about the “smoking” Xboxes? Those are totally fake. So no, your Xbox will not exhaust plumes of smoke unless it vapes.

So ok, back to the real issues. Various reports from Twitter have been spotted as the disc drive either makes weird sounds or doesn’t accept the discs at all.

Microsoft has issued a statement about encouraging users who are experiencing problems to check out their support page.

On the other hand, famous Youtube content creator ACG is reporting that his review unit has apparently “died”, citing storage rebuild and network issues. He has since gotten in touch with Sony to clear up the issues.

As the PlayStation 5 is only getting into the hands of lucky gamers around this time, we have yet to see if there are hardware problems as well, which we’ll know in a couple of days of gaming.

Meanwhile, The PlayStation 5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive will retail for PHP27,990 and will release on December 11, 2020 in the Philippines. No pre-order details yet, but expect announcements sooner or later. With this in mind, will you be purchasing a console on day one?

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