Filipino studio Synergy88 takes their talents to the Gears 5 Hivebusters DLC

Its been a good year for games and gaming, and taking part in it all are some home-grown studios that have taken their talent to the next level to produce some of the highest quality work that is fitting only of the biggest triple A games in recent memory. Chalk another one on the list, as Synergy88 makes another credit roll for Gear 5.

Synergy88 has been a major player in the local game dev industry and with a wealth of talent under their fold, they’ve managed to produce standout results such as this DLC for Gears 5 and just recently, Cyberpunk 2077.

The Hivebusters DLC was positively reviewed on Metacritic, scoring an critic rating of 80 as of writing, and while it is a short 3 hour romp, proves to be a great addition to an already great game by The Coalition.

Gears 5 and the Hivebusters DLC is now available for the Xbox and PC.

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