Cyberpunk 2077: Newbie Guide to creating a deadly Street Samurai

Despite the bugs, I’ve been enjoying my playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077. I’ve tried to find romance, and along the way… I’ve inadvertently created an untouchable samurai. Originally, my build for my character was supposed to be akin to a Sentinel from Mass Effect – I come in with some heavy firepower and I’m backed up by my Quickhack ability to disable enemies with specific hindering malware such as System Reset to remove them from combat.

However, with a high Reflex and Cool attribute, you could combine two skills Cold Blood and Blades to create a highly overpowered Melee using character. It involves stacking movement speed bonuses, bleeding, critical damage, and tons of other fun stats to render your enemies dead. There may be some bugs involved with this build, however, so it might be fixed as the game gets patched.

It’s not a complete game breaking build compared to the Kenchanter Build from Dragon Age Inquisition. However, it mostly weeds through most organic enemies in the game and if you’ve combined with a secondary Quickhack build, you can easily dispatch most tech type of enemies. You can also go for a stealth character, but unless the job calls for discretion, you can run and gun most enemies with this build.

The Build

Ghost of Night City Build
Here is the base build to create an unstoppable Street Samurai

Cold Blood is a Cool-based skill (18 is the recommended Cool Attribute at level 30) that adds a modifier upon the kill of the first enemy that unlocks bonuses on critical, movement speed, and resistances. As long as you maintain the Cold Blood modifier high, enemies will succumb to your rapid fire attacks.

Blades is a Reflex-based skill (18 is the recommended Reflex Attribute at level 30) that adds bonuses on any bladed weapon whether it is a knife, katana, or mantis blades. Focus on the “bleeding” status effect to unlock a secondary bonus modifier for enemies that have bleeding applied to.

Your Skill of Choice if you wish to go for Stealth, you already have a high attribute skill for Cool but since this build is primarily an organic killer, I’d suggest to have some Intelligence to access Quickhack to take down synthetics.

  • Cold Blood: All perks if possible
  • Blades: Crimson Dance, Crimson Tide, Bloodlust, Flight of the Sparrow, Sting Like A Bee, Stuck Pig
  • Quickhacking (optional): Biosyngergy, Forget-Me-Not
  • Handguns and Assault (optional): Rio Grande, Bulletjock, Executioner

The base attributes of the build will most defintely include Reflexes and Cool. My suggestion is to go for an Intelligence backup as your third skill, maybe Body, but Int will increase your hacking ability to take care of heavy mech enemies. You could forego your Technical Ability as right now with the current game save glitch that corrupts your game, it’s not advisable to be a crafter at the moment.

When you start your character, set your skills at Body 3, Reflex 6, Tech 3, Intelligence 4, and Cool 6. By level 30, your Attributes would most likely be Body 3, Reflex 18, Tech 3, Int 7, and Cool 18. At this rate, you’ll have most of the Perks that you need for Blades and Cold Blood and enough RAM regeneration for your Quick Hack ability.

By now it’s obvious to increase your skill in Blades and Cold Blood, aim to get to 20 of each skill because their ultimates are just game breaking. For Blades, invest in the Bleeding perks. This way they will stack movement speed and the damage differential. For Cold Blood, almost every skill is great, so grab them all.

The key to this build is to get your first kill right away. That way it triggers the Cold Blood multiplier, and watch the damage fly off the charts. The Bleeding effect from your Blades is merely insurance. The good thing about perks is the more gigs you complete and more skills you build on, the more Perk Points you will receive. I’d tuck away a few extra Perks just in case you want to create another type of character with the Cold Blood-Blades build as a base.

Perks to Watch Out For

At level 40 or higher, I would recommend to max out your Reflex and Cool to Level 20 to get all the maximum benefits from each skill and every perk. Late game perks will be unlocked at that high of an attribute number and also when you max out your Skill to 20, the Ultimate skill will be made available to you.

Dragon Strike (Blades) – An ultimate perk for Blades, it increases your critical (as if you don’t have enough already by this point) through Blade usage per perk available. Matched with merciless, your crit game is already astounding. With any blade at your disposal (maybe try for Mantis Blade for even greater weight reduction), you are unstoppable.

Death Bolt (Blades) – While it may seem like a redundant skill as your movement and attack speed from blades and cold blood go into their own separate slots, they don’t necessarily stack. But what makes this perk so deadly is it restores 20% health per kill. If you check out the video below, it literally makes you unstoppable and invulnerable as long as you keep your body count high.

Immunity (Cold Blood) – At this point, you might think that this character is a glass cannon for being able to dish out a lot of punishment but can’t take much in return. Immunity (matched with the Cold Blood Perk “It’s Only Pain”) gives you full immunity to Poison, Bleeding, and Burning. Netrunners can try to damage you if they want, but you’re just not gonna budge. To add salt to the wound, switch off all the cameras and kill them for last. Strike fear into their sleeping hearts.

Merciless (Cold Blood) – The ultimate perk for Cold Blood, for every Cold blood perk adds critical chance and a massive load of critical damage. At this point, is this really necessary? Do you need anymore power? The answer to all those questions is yes and hack away (with your sword and your netrunning abilities).

There you go, those are the skills required to create a base of a powerful melee character. When you reach level 40 with just the perks recommended for Cold Blood and Blades, you will have 30 perk points available to slot into whatever skills you wish to use. Will you create the true Ghost of Night City able to rival Jin Sakai? Or will you create a powerful samurai-hacker that disables all tech and meat in one fell swoop? The choices are endless in Cyberpunk 2077, all that limits you is your imagination.

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