This new gaming console from KFC will give you 4K 240fps and warm your Chicken too

Remember that report back in June? The one about KFC launching a gaming console with a Chicken Chamber? Y’all thought that was a joke, and so did we, but now the joke is on us as apparently, the KFConsole is a real thing. That’s really 2020 in a nutshell!

It may all seem like a joke, but based on the specs of this thing, it isn’t. The KFConsole will be VR ready and capable of Ray Tracing, set to bring you 4K gaming at 240fps. In partnership with Cooler Master, the console will be equipped with a Cooler Master NC100 chassis, an Intel Nuc 9 extreme compute element, Asus powered graphics with a hot swappable GPU slot, and two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD’s.

kfc console specs

The specs are great and all, but the best thing about the KFConsole is the Chicken Chamber, which is set to recycle the natural heat and airflow of the console to keep your meals warm. The PS5 and Series X sound good, but can it heat your Chicken?

We’re not quite sure yet how much it’ll cost or even how widely manufactured it’ll be, but seeing a new player in the console gaming industry is always welcome, especially if its from the unlikeliest of sources.

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