Monster Hunter Rise unveils new trailer, limited-time demo set to release on January 7

Monster Hunter Rise, the latest in the long running series, reveals that the limited-time demo for the game will be available on January 7 and will only be available until February 1. On the Hong Kong eShop, it will be available on January 8 and will feature single player as well as online and local multiplayer.

There are some notes and limitations to the demo, which you can see below:

  • The quests for Great Izuchi and Mizutsune can only be played a total of 30 times.
  • Once you’ve reached this limit, all 4 quests, including the Basic Training Quest and the Wyvern Riding, Training Quest, will no longer be available.
  • Single Player and Local Multiplayer: Until the remaining number of quests hits 0.
  • Online Multiplayer: Until the MONSTER HUNTER RISE DEMO can no longer be downloaded.
  • In order to use Online Multiplayer, a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required.

To kick things off, a new trailer was unveiled, which showcased new monsters like Goss Harag, Barioth, Khezu, and Great Baggi. The trailer also showed the new Wyvern Riding feature, which allows hunters to mount and temporarily control the monsters they were hunting.

The various characters you’ll meet in the game were also introduced, like Fugen the Village Elder, as well as the wyverian twins Hinoa and Minoto.

You can view the new trailers below:

You can watch the whole presentation below:

Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled for a March 26, 2021 release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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