Custom PS5 Slim Created by YouTuber, Measures Only 2CM Tall

Saying that the PS5 is a large console is an understatement. It’s the biggest console from Sony by a large margin, even when compared to a PS3.

Historically, Sony has released Slim and Pro versions of their console after a few years, slightly changing the form factor to consider the difference in features. A YouTuber by the name of DIY Perks, who has a ton of other videos tinkering with other devices, has taken it upon himself to produce a custom PS5 Slim that measures only 2CM tall. A tall (heh) order!

ps5 slim custom diy

Since the bulk of the PS5’s components is because of its insane heat sink, DIY Perks thought about a solution to the cooling issue while trimming down the excess fat. The result is a 29-minute video, and you can see some pretty impressive work being done throughout. From breaking down the PS5 to creating a water-cooled solution to actually making it work, the video is as entertaining as it can get.

The catch here is that DIY Perks creates a full-on external water-cooling apparatus that’s quite unwieldy, and while it does drastically lower the temperatures that the PS5 runs with, setting everything up is quite an amazing feat. To call the full PS5 Slim at only 2CM tall is quite clickbaity since it relies on a massive external setup to cool it down, but you can’t deny the amount of impressive work put into this project.

Watch – Building the PS5 Slim

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At the moment, it is unclear whether Sony will be coming out with a hardware refresh for this generation in a few years. If Sony releases a PS5 Slim or Pro, are you interested in getting one?

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