10 predictions for the second half of March

As we begin our second year in this new normal, we’re coming from a relatively quiet week where the biggest news was watching Microsoft and Bethesda getting all snuggly in a virtual campfire as their acquisition has finally been completed.

As we start the third week of March, we have some new event announcements on the way, with the biggest one this week being Square Enix Presents. Time for more predictions!

They’ve been pretty transparent on what to expect, but the details of those presentations leave some room for discussion.

Also coming later in the week is a livestream from PlayStation Japan where they will show previews of Resident Evil Village and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Again, they’ve been transparent on what to expect, but speculators gonna speculate, and we really would like something outlandish to be announced or shown.

playstation japan presents predictions

So we’ll go into more details with our speculations below. Again, just a disclaimer that these predictions range from mostly wishful thinking and some hypotheses from observing current industry trends and the rumor mills on the Twittersphere. Take this with a grain of salt, and have some fun along the way.

Disco Elysium Final Cut Release Date

We’re halfway through March and still no release date in sight for Disco Elysium The Final Cut. While a representative for ZA/UM commented on Reddit that it will come out on March “for sure”, it’s coming down to the wire and personally, I won’t be surprised if they move it to Summer. Either way, if the Outer Worlds new DLC is to be noted, they gave less than a week’s notice for its release on March 17.

We’re waiting on you, Disco Elysium.

“We’re still alive” update for Dying Light 2

So about that Dying Light 2 developer update on March 17, will they make another release date announcement or would they keep things more realistic? It can go either way, especially for a game that’s been delayed multiple times. I would think at this point that developers Techland really need to think very carefully on what to reveal during this update.

We’re not expecting anything mind-blowing here, and it’s looking to be more like a “don’t worry the game isn’t cancelled” sort of update for the fans. At this point, any official update from the devs would be welcome, and it could be the start of connecting again with the community.

Outriders will launch on Xbox Game Pass

There’s a rumor about the “mysterious” game that would drop on Game Pass at the start of April and funny enough, Outriders will drop on April 1st, so this could be a long con for a cheap April Fool’s joke.

Either way, it would be great news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers if this game goes to the subscription service, and even though we felt that the demo could use some work, it was certainly fun for what it was.

Marvel’s Avengers on the PS Plus for April

I really can’t let this one go, can I? But yeah, let’s place our bets again! If Outriders might drop on Xbox Game Pass, how about our far fetched prediction that they’ll give Avengers away for PS Plus for April.

Personally, this IP needs all the help it could get. If it could gather some player padding to increase live service engagement even artificially for April, they do need it. If they don’t, well good luck, but I think there’s another way they can probably get more players back into the fold…

Spiderman reveal for Marvel’s Avengers

Probably the Peter Parker variety

As I said, Marvel’s Avengers need all the help that they can get to revitalize this IP. The promised Spiderman content still isn’t here and now that the PS5 upgrade will drop and with the promise of a new roadmap, I wouldn’t be surprised if Spiderman shows up soon. It may seem like I’m rooting for this IP to succeed, but if I was strategizing to revamp this IP, I’d be aggressive in my approach.

Life Is Strange 3 will not be in an episodic format

While the series thrived on its episodic format similar to that of which Telltale Games have pushed their series, I feel that this day and age, we’re done with this type of delivery. Call it a personal preference, but it’s quite nice to have the whole game on hand rather than losing interest over a span of months.

New content for Tomb Raider Trilogy

I don’t expect Final Fantasy XVI or Final Fantasy VII Remake to be teased on Square Enix Presents because it really shows more of their non-Japanese IPs, mostly from their Montreal studios. I’d rather bet on the Tomb Raider Trilogy with some brand new content rather than any of the Final Fantasy branded IP.

For all we know, it could just be a collection of all 3 games in one neat package, but hey, doesn’t hurt to wish for more Lara Croft.

Resident Evil Village Demo to be announced on the Playstation Japan Livestream

We’re two months away from the launch of Resident Evil Village and this new Playstation Japan livestream is the first time in months that we’ll have something new for Village. So how about that demo that was promised on the January Resident Evil event? While The Maiden was a nice touch, how about the rest of us who don’t have a PS5?

Yuffie Episode DLC Price revealed on the Playstation Japan Livestream

We have the price point for the full game and the digital collector’s edition, but what about the DLC episode for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade? We hope it’ll be around the $19.99 price point.

$20 for Yuffie does sound pretty tempting, no?

First Look at Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2

Because why the hell not?

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